My fellow surfers and aspiring surfers,

Part of the joy I take in running this site and posting blogs is to inspire the masses and promote the wonderful and underrated sport that is kitesurfing.

I MUST provide a word of caution though, which is the following:

All blog posts on ukitesurf.com are meant for educational purposes only!

In writing about beginner advice as well as advanced, I am not recommending that you should attempt to carry out my advice without the help of a licensed kitesurfing instructor.

What I am trying to say is, I cannot and will not take responsibility for any liabilities that may occur from anyone taking my advice without further advice and monitoring from a respected and licensed kitesurf instructor.

Though it’s loads of fun and very rewarding, kitesurfing can also be a very dangerous and life-threatening sport, especially if you’re new and/or not respect the hazards of the sport. Please seek professional instructorship for any kitesurfing activity you plan to undertake.

I hope this is as clear as the blue waters you will be riding across soon. Thank you.